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Terrament Gravity Storage

Terrament is building long-duration energy storage with gravity batteries deployed deep underground.

Our patented design achieves high scale and low cost by maximizing the two simple ingredients of gravity storage: height and weight.

  • Height: We dig a mile deep into bedrock using existing drilling tech.
  • Weight: We support modular weight with shaft bedrock, not a winch cable.

Watch our video to learn how gravity storage supports our power grid.

How Terrament's Gravity Storage works (video by Extinction Machine)

Why Long Duration Storage?

While Lithium-ion batteries are good at providing shorter duration storage, in order to support the massive growth of renewable energy, longer duration storage technologies are needed to balance the grid.

Read McKinsey's report on why Long Duration Energy Storage is growing exponentially and why LDES has a potential value creation of $1.3 trillion by 2040.

McKinsey – Net-zero power: Long-duration energy storage for a renewable grid

Why Gravity Storage?

Gravity Storage is reliable, efficient, low-risk, and cheap to scale.

There are many types of energy storage, and they all have unique value propositions. Gravity storage is very good at providing low-cost, efficient energy storage for our power grid. Comparatively, methods like thermal storage, iron air, or power-to-gas-to-power, have far lower round-trip efficiencies - often below 50% – which means they waste half the energy on every cycle.

Terrament's gravity storage is low-cost and low-risk. We don't rely on chemical supply chains, and we project that we'll reach 80-90% round-trip efficiencies.

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