Terrament Gravity Storage

Terrament is building long-duration energy storage with gravity batteries deployed deep underground.

Our patented design achieves high scale and low cost by maximizing the two simple ingredients of gravity storage: height and weight.

  • Height: We dig a mile deep into bedrock using existing drilling tech.
  • Weight: We support modular weight with shaft bedrock, not a winch cable.

How Terrament's Gravity Storage works (video by Extinction Machine)

Terrament's gravity storage solution is low-risk:

We don't depend on critical minerals, and we don't use any chemical batteries. Our innovative system uses only well-established technologies: We leverage the same motor/generators used in wind turbines, and we use the same mile-deep mine shafts which have been built by mining companies for over 50 years.

Terrament Pitch Deck

The Energy Storage Problem

The threat of climate change has sparked action to replace fossil fuels with wind and solar energy. But wind and solar are intermittent resources; the wind doesn't always blow, and the sun doesn't always shine. So without energy storage, our urgent transition to renewable energy will stall.

According to NREL, energy storage capacity in the U.S. needs to grow five times larger by 2050 to support wind and solar energy.

But we have a big problem: We don't yet have proven, low-cost technologies that can reach this scale.

Today, 90% of the world's energy storage is pumped hydro, which is a nearly tapped out resource. And Lithium-ion batteries are too expensive at long durations.

So we need a new solution. A solution which is low-risk, high-scale, and low-cost.

About Us

Terrament is a clean-tech startup based in Brooklyn, NY. We are grateful to have been accepted into the following programs:

We have been awarded a U.S. Patent, and we have two more pending patent applications. We're seeking our first round of investment.

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