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Terrament is building long-duration energy storage using gravity batteries deployed deep underground. Our patent-pending design achieves high scale and low cost by maximizing the two simple ingredients of gravity storage: height and weight:

  • First, we maximize height potential by digging a mile deep into bedrock.
  • Second, we maximize density with modules that support their own weight.

Terrament Pitch Deck

The Energy Storage Problem

The threat of climate change has sparked action to replace fossil fuels with wind and solar energy. But wind and solar are intermittent resources; the wind doesn't always blow, and the sun doesn't always shine. So without energy storage, our urgent transition to renewable energy will stall.

According to NREL, energy storage capacity in the U.S. is expected to grow five-fold by 2050. But we have a big problem: We don't yet have proven, low-cost technologies that can reach this scale.

Terrament's Gravity Storage

Terrament's gravity storage can solve our massive energy storage demand at an affordable cost.

Our full design is still confidential in early development. However, this early-draft animation illustrates our basic concept. More details to be revealed post-funding.

3D animation of Terrament alpha design concept (early draft).

Terrament’s patent pending design achieves breakthrough efficiency by maximizing the two simple principles of gravity storage: height and weight.

  1. Height: We achieve 10 times more height than above-ground solutions. This is solved by digging a mile deep into bedrock (or using abandoned mine shafts).
  2. Weight: We achieve nearly 100% volume capacity with densely packed weight. This is solved with a modular design of self-supporting autonomous units.

Our solution is low-risk. We use only well-established mining technologies, and we do not rely on any risky, unproven chemical battery technologies.

Why Underground Gravity Storage?

Today, nearly all of our energy storage is pumped hydro, which is a nearly tapped out resource. And even though Li-ion battery costs are dropping, they are still too expensive. And we don't even have enough raw Lithium material to produce the scale we would need to replace pumped hydro. Researchers are concerned that we may not even have enough Lithium for electric vehicles, let alone the much larger amount we would need to support grid storage at such an enormous scale.

We need a new solution. A solution which is low-risk, high-scale, and low-cost.

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Terrament is a pre-funded startup based in Brooklyn, NY. We have recently joined the CEBIP accelerator program, and we are currently seeking our first round of investment.About Us

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