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The threat of climate change has sparked an energy revolution; wind and solar technologies are poised to replace fossil fuels. This transition is urgent, but it will stall without a key ingredient: energy storage.

That's why Terrament is building low-cost, high-scale energy storage. Our patent pending design utilizes solid-mass gravity batteries dropped deep underground.

Note: The header video above is merely a collage of relevant technologies and asserts no claims.

Terrament Alpha Design

Our alpha design is in very early development. This 3D animation is an early draft of our design concept. More details to be revealed post-funding.

3D animation of Terrament alpha design concept (early draft).

Terrament’s patent pending design achieves breakthrough efficiency by maximizing the two simple principles of gravity storage: height and weight.

  1. Height: We achieve 10 times more height than above-ground solutions. This is solved by digging a mile deep into bedrock (or using abandoned mine shafts).
  2. Weight: We achieve nearly 100% volume capacity with densely packed weight. This is solved with a modular design of self-supporting autonomous units.

Our solution is low-risk. We use only well-established mining technologies, and we do not rely on any risky, unproven chemical battery technologies.

Terrament Pitch Deck

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Terrament is a pre-funded startup based in Brooklyn, NY. We are currently seeking our first round of investment.About Us

Our long term strategy includes a type of energy storage called underground pumped hydro storage, or UPHS.UPHS Research

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