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About our Team

Terrament is a New York based clean-tech startup building long-duration energy storage with gravity batteries deployed deep underground.

We have been awarded one US Patent, and we have two more pending patent applications. We are grateful to have been accepted into the following programs:

Terrament Team

Founder Team

Eric Chaves

Founder / CEO

Eric Chaves is a technical entrepreneur with 20 years experience spanning Architecture, Industrial Design, and Software Engineering. With experience building two previous tech startups, he launched Terrament in 2020 to bring new innovation to the field of mechanical energy storage. He is a Founder Fellow at Newlab, and a member of the CEBIP accelerator at Stony Brook University.

Coming Soon

Co-Founder, Finance:

MBA with extensive experience modeling and executing Renewable Energy Project Finance.

Coming Soon

Co-Founder, CTO:

Mechanical Engineer PhD with extensive experience building large-scale mechanical systems.


Dr. Wei Li, Advisor

Geo-scientist, Civil Engineer, PhD
Professor, Stony Brook

Dr. Jon Longtin, Advisor

Mechanical Engineering, PhD, Dean, Stony Brook

Steven DeCarlo, Advisor

Electrical Engineering, MBA
Grid Utilities + Pumped Hydro

Kathryn Gardner, Advisor

Mining Engineer, P.E., MBA, Esq.

Courtney Reich, Advisor

Mechanical Engineering, M.S.
Battery Tech, Statistics

Rich Delmerico, Advisor

Electrical/Industrial Engineering
Business M.S.

Etinosa Ogiesoba, Advisor

Electrical Engineer, ME, MBA

Colin Bateson, Advisor

Mechanical Engineer, PhD

Isabelle Heye, Advisor

Mechanical Engineer, ME