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About Terrament

Terrament was founded at the start of 2020 and has filed a patent application for our innovative approach to underground energy storage. We are now seeking angel investment and seed funding.

We are proud to have been selected to join the CEBIP accelerator program. CEBIP, the Clean Energy Business Incubator Program, is supported by Stony Brook University and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA).

Terrament's gravity storage design was inspired by a related technology called Underground Pumped Hydro Storage, or UPHS. In fact, the company was born out of a research project exploring the feasibility UPHS. By leveraging our UPHS research to spark discussions with industry experts and validate our market assumptions, we demonstrated that Terrament's concept was not just viable, it was urgently needed.

Our Team

Eric Chaves


Eric Chaves is a technol­ogist and entre­preneur living in Brooklyn, New York. He is a software developer and multi-disciplinary designer with experience in a range of fields from architecture to industrial design. Terrament is his third company. His first two companies are Antenna and Syllable.

Steven DeCarlo, Advisor

Engineering, MBA, Grid Utilities

Paul Schwartz, Advisor

CEBIP Director, Energy Exec/Fin

Kathryn Gardner, Advisor

Mining Engineer, P.E., MBA, Esq.

Etinosa Ogiesoba, Advisor

Electrical Engineer, ME, MBA

Colin Bateson, Advisor

Mechanical Engineer, PhD

Mengye Chen, Advisor

Civil Engineer, PhD

Isabelle Heye, Advisor

Mechanical Engineer, ME

Gregory Scott, Advisor

Civil Engineer, PE

Stay in Touch

Eric Chaves, Founder
Terrament, LLC
67 West St, Suite 401-C11
Brooklyn, NY 11222
[email protected]

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